Editorial Policy

While much is often made of “editorial policy,” the truth is that in this world of phone-tapping, loose-ethics and sponsored articles much too much can be taken with a grain of salt. In this respect, CEE Insight is going to be different.

In short, we are not going to promise the world. CEE Insight will not be the be-all and end-all of journalism. We will not try to cover every news and business event in the CEE. Nor will we shoot for millions in advertising revenue. What we will do is sift and sort and then consult with a wide range of analysts and journalists in order to bring you stories that matter in the region.

Put simply, we want to make CEE Insight the weekly quick-start you need to stay sharp on the region. Whether you are visiting a CEE country on business or whether you live and work in a core country and know your terrain, CEE Insight will be committed to giving you the quick shot in the arm that keeps you abreast of the news you really need while still avoiding the white noise and political gossip that has become the excuse for news coverage today.

Is this such a lofty goal? Perhaps not. Perhaps—considering that many of our core contributors have covered the region for more than a decade—we are even selling ourselves short. But in such turbulent times, it pays to be grounded on solid, useful information that can be quickly absorbed and put to use. That’s a tough, conservative goal that can help you make money—and if we can do this, it will be a success we can be proud of.

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