Look out for the scam: real estate (Article No. 1)

Having covered scams, money laundering, mafia activities and all dark and sundry in Central Europe for more than a decade, what has often occurred to me is the simple fact that while the high-profile cases get the press (or sometimes infamously don’t), the average business rip-off is simply shrugged away as a tax on doing business here. ...

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European bank investigations and Poland’s currency game

News that Swiss UBS suspended a number of senior traders in an ongoing international probe connected to the alleged manipulation of interbank borrowing rates has sent still more shock waves through a Europe bogged down in the ongoing euro crisis - but this arguably (and hypocritically) ignores an issue also at the heart of at least Central European business; this being the official use of European Union fun ...

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Rough winter in Europe causes countries to draw on gas reserves

As Europe is being struck by one of the harshest winters in history, gas demand has unexpectedly risen dangerously above its normal levels causing gas suppliers to realize that Europe's energy security needs serious mending - some European countries have already been forced to use their underground gas reserves, destined for emergency situations only. ...

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Polish ambassador signs ACTA protocol despite public protest

Despite country-wide protests and internet attacks on governmental web portals, Polish ambassador to Japan Jadwiga Rodowicz signed the much debated ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) protocol late Thursday in Japan. The Polish public was shocked when news emerged that the government had given its blessing for this to take place. ...

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Poles underestimate due diligence

Polish entrepreneurs do not attach much value to establishing future partner/contractor's reputation and financial situation, Polish economic daily Puls Biznesu reported Tuesday. ...

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The psychology of a crisis

Following a brief hiatus from these pages - my primary job as a risk consultant does occasionally prove cause for diversion - it occurred to me that somehow, and consistently, within the billions of words printed on the euro crisis, a vast majority of leaders, business persons and decision makers have rather missed the point. ...

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